TIMBo - Trauma Informed Mind Body Program

TIMBo is a mindfulness-based intervention that includes

awareness building discussions on topics such as compassion,

fear, confidence, shame, awareness and perspective, over 9 or

16 sessions. Discussions also include how and where emotions

are felt and manifest in the body, and incorporate breathing techniques to help in creating full body awareness. TIMBo sessions always close with a simple and gentle yoga sequence followed by a guided meditation. The TIMBo program is trauma-informed and gender-responsive (designed to be suitable for women who have experienced trauma) and is appropriate for everyone, regardless of an individual’s exposure to trauma or experience with yoga.

To listen to your body and respect how it feels is a powerful act of self-love.

TIMBo at StarFish Dance & Yoga

This program starts on April 11th and runs for 9 weeks

Meets: Wednesdays, 1:15 - 2:45pm

Cost: $290 

Location: 135 Commonwealth Ave, Concord, MA 01742

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A Message from Holly Kania...

Licensed Black Belt Nia Technique Instructor

Certified Ageless Grace Brain Health Fitness Educator


Hi, I’m writing to let you know about a wonderful growth and healing opportunity starting up in Concord next week:  It’s called TIMBo — “Trauma-Informed Mind Body” Yoga.  Many of you may already have heard of it through Nia circles, and it will be new to others.  Don’t get stuck on that word “trauma” and think that means it’s not necessarily for you…


Who is it for, and what is it?

  • TIMBo is for women only 

  • Who want to grow and heal in how we manage chronic stress — in a body centered way.

  • Related to our life “baggage” — anything from ongoing health or relationship challenges to significant crises, now or in the past. 

  • The class is a nine-session series that meets weekly for 90 minutes, including review of TIMBo techniques, group processing, gentle, simple yoga and a guided meditation.   

  • Taught by two trained TIMBo facilitators, Jenny Silverberg (also a wonderful Nia teacher) and Katherine Gekas.


Why am I trying to raise awareness of the class?  Many reasons, but here are the main ones;

  • As women, so many of us have been conditioned to “just push through” our challenges, to focus on caring for others, downplaying (or often not even experiencing) our own needs.  TIMBo is an invitation to interrupt the cycle, placing our own self-care and healing first.   The goal is to help us become as whole and authentic as possible.

  • Many of my Nia students have shared life experiences of loss or struggle with me, either as they were navigating rough patches, or looking back on things that happened years ago.  Nia has helped people to heal in body, mind, and spirit.  TIMBo offers a continuation of that journey.  

  • I’ve signed up for the sessions because I believe that despite all my Nia training, years of yoga and/or talk therapy, I can still become more whole, more healed, more free to feel, more fully myself.  Who doesn’t want that?!!

  • TIMBo is an excellent tool for therapists and others in treatment professions, and since so many of my friends are in the field, I’m passing it along to ya’ll.


If you’re interested in learning more, click on the link:  https://www.yhtimbo.org/about-timbo or contact Jenny.  If you know someone who you think may benefit, please feel free to forward this along.  


Thanks for reading ~